About the Shop

My love for beautiful things was nurtured as a young girl when I tried innovative ways to make something prettier and more beautiful. Taking basic items, grouping them together to create a wow effect or a few interesting and unusual pieces to form a pretty cohesive display. Over the years I assisted family, friends and acquaintances with design and décor ideas, did many paint effects in homes and always enjoyed enhancing a look no matter how small.

Having been involved in the property industry for a few decades, I was fortunate to view hundreds of homes and being exposed to some magnificent design styles. Styling a home that is up for sale is very important and being able to share some styling nuggets with potential sellers to enhance the look of their homes is deeply satisfying and rewarding.

I love being creative and changing the look and value of an old discarded piece of furniture, designing a new scatter cushion, painting a wall to create a focus effect, threading a bespoke string of beads, construct a beautiful vignette or just moving a few things around to change a look is so satisfying and the fuel to more exciting creativeness.

In 2019, my son Brandon and I took the step to formally open our own Decor Boutique at Pont de Val Winery. Brandon is a creative in his own right. His great eye for shape and form culminates in unique designs and ideas for the leather ware and one of a kind picnic tables and charcuterie, fromage and boulangerie platters he produces.

Our decor boutique focusses on bespoke and unique South African produced products and designers. We have the most amazing designers and creatives in our country and discovering them, getting to know them and what drives their creative talents is exciting and adding that fun element to what we do and love.


Petra Stuart